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Want To Get Into Marketing? Market Yourself First

Every day can be different. The use of strategic thinking and a strong creative aspect keeps things challenging and stimulating. Within the employment industry, there are countless career options in communications, business development andsales. However, marketing is quickly becoming a top career choice among students and it`s not hard to see why.

How do you get the attention of potential employers? Market yourself first.

Branding isn`t just for companies anymore. Personal branding is essential and it`s an easy way to demonstrate to employers that you can apply basic marketing principles. If you can sell yourself successfully, an employer will trust that you can sell their products and services.

Branding is all about consistency. Consider how your brand comes off to potential employers in person as well as online. Hiring managers and recruiters are your audience. Be transparent about who you are and what you want to be known as. Things to consider include the way you dress, the language you use, how you come across to employers and your ability to illustrate specific accomplishments.

Utilizing social media to build your personal brand is a no-brainer. Most of us already check into a social media site daily, so take the time to turn Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn into brand building tools. Your online presence should emulate how you come across in person. If your future employer seeks you out online, ensure that there is continuity across the board in the things you post, the comments you make, and your work experience. Make sure potential employers see what you want them to see and remember that anything posted to social media is permanent  there is no recall, retract or revoke option!

Give purpose to your participation. Complete the profiles of social networks you`re part of. Customizing your LinkedIn profile will grab the attention of recruiters as more businesses are using the site to find new talent. Make use of your profile! According to LinkedIn, profiles that are 100% finished are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities. A profile summary, past work experience, education and recommendations (especially beneficial in launching new student profiles) will warrant a recruiter`sinterest.

When in person don`t hold back on revealing your personality, interests and skills. Great personality fits is always desirable. Technical skills can be taught, but important soft skills like a strong work ethic and a positive personality cannot. Being personable, coachable and credible is also very beneficial. Take the time to research the companies you want to work for and keep on top of relevant industry trends.

Creating and maintaining your personal brand is an ongoing process. As your skills and experience continue to grow, so will you. Remember to stay in touch with relevant contacts and continue to build credible networks.