I`m pretty sure that I`ve always been aware of and thinking about finances my whole life. I don`t think I would be insulted even if you said I was obsessed about it. When I was little, at the age of 8, all I wanted that whole year was my own drum set. I had a tiny allowance, but I remember my mother telling me that I could afford the drum set if I just continued to save my allowance. I had saved about $250 when I was finally able to buy it. (Back then I thought it was all me, but I`m pretty sure my mother covered the rest.) Even though it was a toy, I learned a lot waiting to buy that drum set. Ever since then, I`ve always been acutely aware of how much I had, and what I had planned for it.

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However, it wasn`t until about the middle of college that I seriously started budgeting. I was recently married; I had my first full-time job; and we were living paycheck to paycheck. I needed to know where my money was going, and how much we had coming in. I believe that budgeting set me up for success, and has been one of the greatest contributors to my pursuit of financial independence. So here are my 5 reasons why I think everyone should have a budget.