I sell 5 sites, all are executed on CMS WordPress.
Adaptive design for mobile devices.
Original content from 70%
30% of images are original

All articles contain description and keywords
All pages are indexed in Google, there are no sanctions.

Earning was planned for partner programs and advertising
Could not unscrew them in search results
Traffic per month from 2 to 100 users.

All sites are translated to the encrypted protocol https

All domains were bought from the drop and have natural backlinks
Domains are registered in Alpnames
I myself will transfer to your hosting

Comp u terca.com – Good domain with key holder. 395 articles all with image

Just on pets.com – Good domain with key holder. 66 Articles all with image

how make cake.com – Good domain with key holder.291 Articles all with image

top 5 trends.com – Good domain with key holder.243 Articles all with image

any buy buy.com – Good domain with key holder.320 Articles all with image

Contact fsvze1 @ mail.ru

Price: 400$