Selling sites for a high price. Councils and recommendations. has the most websites for sale. One can tell that it’s one of the largest exchanges for selling sites. However, it gets more and more useless from year to year. Flippa reduces its turnover, in other words it gets worse.

  • Minimal Listing fee 9 $ without relists only
  • Auction Listing fee 29% with relists
  • Success Fee 12%

Based on these prices, the sale is possible only for those sites that cost several hundred thousand dollars. If you sell for $ 100, you will pay $ 29 for placing on the auction system + 12% of the sale price, as a result, your real earnings are $ 100 -29 $ -12 $ = 59%, you lose 41% of the cost.

The other problem is that Flippa hosts a huge amount of Scam \ fake sites, with twisted traffic and wrapped orders, auto-generated templates with promises of big profits, while the price of the site is several times cheaper than the declared monthly profit, certainly this was made for beginners. Unfortunately, Flippa does not try to struggle with this in any way, its main aim is getting money. This site becomes less and less actual every day. – The web-site stopped its work in 2015. The latest information: established web sites cost $ 59 for a 2-week listing, or $ 99 for a two-month long listing (that includes a free one-month placement, for a total of three months). A large forum dedicated to Seo, there is a section for sale of various goods and services, including the sale of sites, but the section is almost not updated, the site is not popular, there only 2-3 new ads of sale a day and even not every day. There are only 50 posts about sale within 1 month. – This site positions itself as a new one. Not a bad place to sell. Does not take commission for placement and declares that there is manual moderation of each sale announcement in order to struggle against the scam \ fake site. The platform is aimed at selling not large and not expensive sites, it is convenient for beginners. To date, this forum is not up to date. There is a section on the sale of sites. It can also be noted that the last lot exhibited is dated 2015. – The list of sites wasn’t found, it’s possible that they do not exist.

Established sites pay $ 59.95 for list-til-you-sell. Start-up sites will cost you $ 39.95. Permanently Featured Listing both for an established site or start-up one will cost $ 99 and  it includes getting the site featured in their bi-weekly newsletter.

Web sites can be listed for 90-days for $ 9.95, or for $ 29.95 for a premium listing that gives you extra placement. Domain names have similar auctions prices – $ 9.95 for standard listing and $ 14.95 for premium one.

The site almost do not update, there are only 10k of new ads about the sale for a month. A broker who buys your internet projects for himself. He is interested only in serious ones. – A popular service for selling stores created on the platform, it is constantly updated. Disadvantage: you can add only that stores which are made on this platform. A large site for sale of various types of business, including a section for sites. Access is free for 20 days, then it costs 49 usd for 1 month placement. The service is not suitable for low-cost  projects. – A distinctive feature of this site is that it accepts large Internet projects that have a high level of income.There were  only 54 submitted projects in the list at the time of analysis. First-time listers pay a $ 297 listing fee and repeat sellers pay $ 97. – Disadvantages of the site are: the screwed traffic is clearly visible, most of the projects are not of high quality. Sites are sold slowly enough. Popular Seo forum, has its marketplace where you can also sell sites, but access is expensive. You have to be Jr. Vip member ($ 97) and open a new sales thread ($ 60) Also Seo forum, with marketplace, accommodation cost 74 $, including 3 auto bump your ad. – An important feature is that the sites that are already sold are not deleted. There are no more than 3 new sites there every week. – The site has lost its ground. It can be noticed that there are only 2 announcements for the current year.