Sometimes everyone needs someone to speak to, whether you need to vent or you may be feeling really down. It can be hard to get someone to listen if you don’t feel like you want to open up to anyone. This may be due to family/friend circumstances or that you don’t feel comfortable disclosing how you really feel.

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This is where7 Cups of Teacomes in handy. The website provides a free, anonymous and confidential conversation with a trained listener. It’s a 24/7 service that focuses on emotional health and well-being. The site allows you to sign on as guest or you can create a username to become a member. You are then connected with a compassionate trained listener. There’s also an option to speak with an anonymous therapist or free counsellor online.

7 Cups of Teahas trained listeners to help you with any scenario, you have the option to become a listener if you feel you would prefer to do this. You can pick a listener based on life experience and you can pick someone who you feel comfortable chatting to. All in the comfort of your own home. All listeners come from different walks of life and have diverse experiences. The website also provides ‘group support’ which lets you log on with other users to discuss your feelings. The listeners are required to complete and online course which develops listening skills. However, the listeners do not provide medical or psychological advice during conversations.