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Sell 4 sites

Selling English-language sites. All sites have been drop-offs and online for a long time. On some sites there is traffic small, some on the network for more than 10 years. You can try to increase traffic or sell links from these sites. 1) (Was PR 3-4) Official site with the program. The price is

URL: There is a small traffic of 10-20 uniques a day. Backlinks at yahoo - 5920 There are no outlays, incomes too Price: $ 172 Transfer the domain of Push to your account on ENOM. Possible motivation: Increase attendance, and earn on Amazon'e, or on Adsense'e Slightly reduce Alexa Rank and shove in the

English site with recipes 20k records with little traffic

I sell the English-language catalog of recipes (20k recipes and 10k comments), there is a small regular traffic, under development, or as a satellite. I do not have time to study and the site weighs decently - 2.7GB on the disk because of the pictures, it is possible to optimize, but I have not tried

English site for mobile traffic. Site under development in the bourgeoise. A well-demanded topic, a good domain name with a key, is pretty bright. The site has not been engaged in a long time and the traffic has fallen. If you add articles - should dial pretty quickly, because ranked in the topic pretty well. Visitors per day 20

Selling 5 sites with original content

I sell 5 sites, all are executed on CMS Wordpress. Adaptive design for mobile devices. Original content from 70% 30% of images are original All articles contain description and keywords All pages are indexed in Google, there are no sanctions. - Earning was planned for partner programs and advertising Could not unscrew them in search