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Villagers are expected seeing a new name and trademark on landscaping vehicles here in Florida`s Friendliest Hometown.

The new BrightView trademark is being seen on landscaping vehicles around The Villages.

BrightView is a name that has emerged from a partnership of landscaping powerhouses Brickman Group and ValleyCrest Landscape.

The companies have joined to form a $2 billion organisation with 22,000 employees.

The name BrightView suggests a splendid views or pleasing landscapes, according to a companies. Additionally, it speaks to a splendid perspective a >

Although a forward-looking name, BrightView also honors a organization`s bequest brands, founders and people, according to a firms. This is achieved by carrying brazen a  from Brickman and a from ValleyCrest.

BrightView is some-more than a name; it indicates what is to come, BrightView CEO Andrew Kerin said.BrightView reflects a confidence for a destiny and a expostulate to emanate larger value for a clients. It embodies a fad to precedence a strengths of a total association to raise how we caring for a people, a clients and a communities. It also enables a group members and clients to take honour in devoted relations and solutions that matter.