Well, we have some big news! My brother and I opened a dive shop in Ormond Beach, which is just north of Daytona. It has always been a dream of ours to have our own dive shop, and now it is a reality. We know it`s going to be a lot of work and it has been already, but we both know there`s nothing like owning your own business, and we will do whatever it takes to make this successful.

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The building is not much to look at, but at least it is operating. We are renting a piece of land off of Nova Road, and it is highly wooded with a lot of overgrowth of vegetation. We spent the first two weeks trying to clear it ourselves, but finally had to just give up. We don`t have the equipment necessary to take care of the larger trees and overgrowth.

So a friend of mine recommended Volusia Tree Service out of Port Orange, and they have done a tremendous job. I never realized how much is involved in taking care of trees, and land clearing itself. Not only did we have to have a lot of trees removed, but we also had to have a lot of tree trimming as well as tree pruning. I never knew that tree pruning was so technical and involved!

These guys really did a great job, and even a few trees that were dying look like they might be saved. The technician who came out, John, was really very experienced and a super hard worker. Their tree removal services are awesome, because there`s no way we could`ve done that ourselves. It required three chainsaws and a large flatbed truck to get all the removal done properly. So now the trees we do have on the property are looking good, and finally starting to look healthy.

But now the land is clear and our building is starting to take shape and look pretty good. The main thing we`re focusing on right now is lining up scuba diving trips in Ormond Beach up to Palm Coast. It takes a while to advertise and tell people about our new dive shop, but I think we`re making progress. We`re trying to stock our shop with some pretty cool dive gear and I think our customers will really like.

I do not think we`re ready for a full blown customer influx, but we are receiving a few visitors per day which is helping to pay the bills. Once we are fully up and running we will be advertising a lot in the local papers and hopefully bring in some good business.