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Make payroll part of your financial operations from the start. This is an important foundation in keeping financials and tax reporting up to date.


Whether bi-weekly, monthly, or by project, payroll management is crucial to ongoing business success. Payroll is no longer as simple as writing a check. Poorly managed payroll can result in penalties, fines or worse. It will also create an unexpected drain on your cash flow.

Understanding a 1099versus a W-2, the different payroll tax implications, and the reporting timeframes, is crucial if your business is to move forward and grow. The Accountant understands all these payroll intricacies keeping your business ahead of the payroll and governmental reporting curve.

Complete and secure pass through of payroll directly to your staff, coupled with accurate, timely, and secure reporting of federal and state withholding taxes, FICA, Medicare and unemployment insurances means you have no worries about smooth payroll execution in whatever timeframe or format is required.

Every hour spent on accounting is an hour not spent on growing your business. Maximize the return on your time investment.



  • Payroll Services
  • Payroll Reporting



  • We support Thomson Reuters, Intuit, or your current payroll reporting service



  • Payroll  Managed through Thomson Reuters



  • File quarterly and annual payroll tax forms



  • W-2 and 1099`s



  • Accurate payrolls delivered on time



  • Direct deposit



  • Federal and state tax filings



  • Private, secure online portal for entering time, printing checks, employee pay stub review



  • New hire reporting


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