business business , current events business , business to business companies , registrar of companies website , us companies , top 50 companies , job openings , earn money , earn , money money money song Angela Borden, owners of Elm Street Java that postulated serious glow repairs in July, works with her daughter Danielle Martin on a finishing touches to a renovated Pittsfield coffee residence before a reopening on Mar 2.

PITTSFIELD GT;GT; Maybe it should be renamed Phoenix.

After 8 months of repairs, renovations and reflection, a renouned Elm Street caf is rising adult from a remains of a July 2 fire that gutted a place.

Elm Street Java Coffee House will strictly giveaway for use during 6 a.m. on Friday, Mar 4.

City proprietor Angela Borden purchased a space final May from a internal Juice N Java franchise, so that she and her daughter, Danielle Martin, could run it exclusively as Elm Street Java Coffee House.

No earlier had they put their new pointer adult during a finish of June, an electrical malfunction in a cafs refrigerated bakery box sparked a early morning fire a few days later. No one was injured, though Borden and Martin and their staff were literally left with no place to work. Fire and building inspectors estimated a indemnification to be around $150,000.

Instead of giving up, Borden and Martin got to work, cleaning out what seat could be salvaged, employing replacement contractors and filing word claims. They also combined a mutated building devise that would open adult a space some-more and give Borden a tiny bureau in a back, off a kitchen.


Martin pronounced business would frequently ask them about either they would be reopening, so she began posting updates on a Elm Street Java Facebook page. She minute seeking building permits in November, removing a permits to totally tummy a place in Dec and rebuilding from a floors to a windows to a walls.

She and Borden met with The Eagle on Friday during a scarcely renovated coffee house. Gone is a dim blue and yellow paint scheme, a tiled floor, and a post and prejudiced wall that used to territory off a dining area from a bakery and checkout counter. The new wall and frame tones are lighter, like a chai tea latte. The building is wood. The opposite and bakery cases are all new. And there are new roof fans and light fixtures to element a place.

I consider it feels comfortable in here, Martin said. The colors are soft.

We wanted to give it a some-more complicated look, Borden said. We`ve also got a wider workspace behind a counter.

The caf will have 10 smaller tables and a incomparable list to accommodate adult to 34 seated patrons.

Borden pronounced they also hired a few new people, for a sum of 5 employees, to assistance with creation and portion coffee and beverages, housemade baked goods, soups, sandwiches and salads. They`re new help, so we`re anticipating people will know and be studious until they`re entirely trained, she said.

Martin pronounced of a menu, that she`s hand-lettered onto unresolved boards, People will find a same things we`ve had before, though we`ve got some new things too.

Though there are several caf`s and diners in a Elm Street area, a dual proprietors pronounced they`re not endangered about picking adult and nutritious business.

We offer giveaway Wi-Fi, and a business have always told us that this is a place where they can come and lay for hours, pronounced Martin.

We wish to be a place where we can come and relax and suffer yourself, Borden said.

Though Borden pronounced she was means to cover some of a replacement costs by insurance, she`s also had to make some additional personal investment into a establishment.

Asked because she motionless to re-open instead of anticipating other work, Borden said, I adore a challenge, and it`s fun here.

We`ve also missed saying a customers, she said. We unequivocally skip them. It`s been a prolonged 8 months.

Martin agreed: It certain has.

What: Elm Street Java Coffee House

Where: 216 Elm St., Pittsfield

When: 6 a.m. 5 p.m., Monday by Friday; 7 a.m.  4 p.m. Saturdays; and 7 a.m.  3 p.m. Sundays

Information: Call 413-499-5282