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Once Upon a Dream Designs, owned by Serena Scifres, is a artistic space that blends do-it-yourself aptitude with complicated design.

Scifres non-stop for business in Dec of 2014, starting out in a tiny emporium in New Boston, operative only in tradition sewing. She fast outgrew her space in New Boston, and changed into a Wheelersburg Shopping Plaza, expanding her products over tradition wardrobe and sewing.

Scifres began sewing as child, though she never suspicion it would lead her to owning a emporium of her own.

“It was something that we unequivocally wanted to do, we prayed and pronounced ‘Lord we wish to sew,’ we feel like he sanctified me with it and from there a blessings only continued, we like regulating it to assistance and learn others what we have been given,” pronounced Scifres.

The branch indicate in her sewing career happened after a birth of her son.

“When he was born, 28 years ago, jeans were stiff. They were not soothing like they are now, we didn’t wish to put those on him, he couldn’t even hook his legs. we didn’t wish him to be worried and we thought, there’s got to be a improved way. we motionless to sew. we already had a sewing machine, he had to have garments and they didn’t have anything for him, so we started creation his clothes,” Scifres explained.

Scifres creates tradition designs, including marriage and promenade dresses, alterations, quilts, tutus and bows, and children’s clothing, bringing your dream designs to life.

In further to a normal quilts, Scifres uses her quilting skills to emanate new one of-a-kind products. She creates design and memory quilts, with photos eliminated onto fabric and plushy toys, including a 6 feet shark and a pterodactyl.

In further to her possess works, Once Upon a Dream Designs also serves as a training space for new quilters. Scifres offers quilting >

“I adore to see people happy, when we make a dress saying that a demeanour on person’s face is so rewarding. we adore saying a compensation when I’m training and they see their finished product and a ‘I indeed did this!’ moment. we feel so sanctified and it’s truly a joy,” pronounced Scifres.