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Landscaping set to flog off during a lush beachfront neighborhood.

Saadiyat Development and Investment Company (SDIC) has awarded a Hidd Al Saadiyat landscaping agreement to Gulf Contracting Company (GCC).

Hardscaping of a neighbourhoods will embody cement of driveways, pathways and highway signage, benches, light poles and bollards.

Underground work activities will embody irrigation, electrical, manholes and a doing of petrify bases for signage.

Meanwhile, planting is set to take place in a phased proceed operative from a commencement of a growth to a end.

The works are scheduled to get underway in 2016.

Greg slingerland, devise director, said: Our aim is to support to a clients by intemperate landscape elements and world->

Hidd Al Saadiyat`s partnership with one of a many renowned heading landscape consultants proudly outlines a project`s final stairs towards completion.

Hidd Al Saadiyat, located in Saadiyat Island, comprises roughly 1,500,000 sqm of healthy beachfront land and 7km of waterfront with easy entrance to a beach from each unit.

The growth was awarded a Estidama Pear 2 rating for correspondence with Abu Dhabi`s sustainability standards of new projects by a Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC).

The landscape will embody companion park spaces, children`s play areas, open grass spaces and shadowy seating areas .

Its open spaces are designed for H2O conservation, with local plant >

The project`s immature areas will widen opposite 20% of a sum master plan.