It`s tax day! The pain is over and it`s time to celebrate. Hit send on that return (or file your extension). Send off your payment if you owe the IRS.

To celebrate the dreaded day, several businesses offer tax day freebies. Here is a list of six completely free tax day offers to help you celebrate.

  • 1. Arbys

With this coupon get a free snack size curly fries. As Arby`s says.Taxes are difficult. Curly fries are curly and not difficult.

  • 2. Great American Cookies

Stop by Great American Cookies and get a free chocolate chip cooking on April 15th.

  • 3. Hard Rock Cafe

It`s a free meal, but you have to sing for it! Hard Rock will give away a free burger, sandwich or salad to any customer willing to stand up and sing in front of the other customers on tax day. .I think the alcohol needed to do this would cost more than the meal.

  • 4. Hydro Massage

Get a free session on the Hydro Massage beds with this coupon. I know a few tax people that could use a massage.

  • 5. McDonalds

Start tax day with a free small coffee from McDonalds during breakfast hours.

  • 6. Office Depot

Office Depot will shred up to five pounds of paper for free on tax day with this coupon. Destroy the evidence! (just kidding)

Happy tax day!

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