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tax preparation

The Accountant manages the complexities of business and personal tax reporting requirements and filings.


The Accountant provides tax consulting and compliance services for individuals, small businesses, partnerships and corporations across the metro area. It is the logical next step for those already using our services. The Accountantunderstands your business and its financial situation and provides proper tax management throughout the year so that you are in the most advantageous position at year end. The Accountantoffers proactive, tailored and innovative solutions designed to help clients meet their compliance needs and maximize profitability. With integrated tax planning aligned with your overall financial strategies, The Accountantunderstands the complexities of taxation and stays on top of the regulations impacting your individual and business tax situations making your tax experience as reassuring and productive as possible.

Every hour spent on accounting is an hour not spent on growing your business. Maximize the return on your time investment.



  • Tax Services



  • Federal Returns



  • Corporate/Individual Estimated Payments



  • Alternative Minimum Tax



  • State Tax Returns



  • Property Tax Returns



  • Other Federal Filings



  • Sales and Use



  • Fixed Asset Depreciation