Late final year, we watched The Durham House go underneath vital construction and rebranding to move a Heights eatery to a some-more upscale Southern brand. The building went underneath vital reconstruction, as did a menu underneath conduct cook Don Schoenburgs direction. The grill perceived acclamation for a new look, though a menu smoothness fell brief for some.

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So what`s on a menu for 2016 during The Durham House? For starters, a new conduct chef, and informed face, Mike McElroy, formerly with The Rolling Kitchen for Gr8 Plate Hospitality. McElroy was contacted about a position and after giving a offer some thought, McElroy pronounced it was an offer he couldn`t pass up.

McElroy has a high charge forward of him, with a discerning menu spin around for a soothing opening set for Jan. 20, and a grand opening set for Jan. 29.

I wish to keep with a Southern walls that a grill already has, McElroy said. There`s a lot of places that are doing Southern cuisine, though we wish to hang to what we know and take >

On a menu, McElroy skeleton to supplement his charcuterie module that he`s grown and continue concentration on bringing good internal product to a table. One stamp that you`ll find on a menu that is McElroy`s possess smoke, lots of smoke.

Former Biskit Junkie skill acquired

In mid-December, Biskit Junkie, a Oak Forest biscuit eatery, took to Facebook to announce a closure of their Oak Forest plcae with guarantee of a new plcae in Montrose. Biskit Junkie influenced an fervent throng with their enlarged opening and during a finish announced that a Oak Forest plcae was a exam kitchen for their soon-to-open Montrose location.

At a ephemeral home of Biskit Junkie, Madera`s Taqueria de Mexican has hung their pointer during 2925 W T C Jester Blvd.

We enjoyed all those who helped get it off a ground, though we`re vehement to be relocating into a incomparable some-more atmospheric home in Montrose,a Facebook post reads.Oak Forest plcae served a purpose good as a exam site and exam kitchen. Our new home will underline a most some-more different strong menu and full coffee program.

The skill didn`t lay long. A Mexican taqueria announced in Dec that they would be holding over a plcae with their authentic cuisine  Mader`s Taqueria de Mexicana. So far, a taqueria has erected a new pointer and menu. The menu categorizes itself into Sopas y Ensaladas (soups and salads), Tacos A La Carte, Enchiladas, Tortas, Al Lado (sides) and Postres (dessert). No clear date on an opening day has been given yet; stay tuned.

Ginger and Fork entrance to a neighborhood

A new grill opening is on a horizon, with Ginger and Fork opening during a prior La Fisheria location. The grill says they`ll mix flavors of Chinese cuisine with a complicated character of service.

Our menu will deliver many local Chinese mixture to a Houston taste in a form of outlandish dishes and secular qualification cocktails according to Ginger and Fork`s website.

After some chatter investigating, Ginger and Fork told The Leader that they would be sharpened to be open this year in Feb or March.

The Chinese cuisine grill will be located during 4505 Inker St.