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The Reputation of the Search Engine Optimisation Company

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Effective search engine optimisation is very important for travel sites due to the highly competitive online environment. One of the questions that ninety percent of travel website owners ask is how to select the best search engine optimization company for their website. Appointing the wrong travel SEO company can end-up costing you a great deal of money for nothing but frustration and excuses. Have a look at the guidelines below and use them to help you make the correct decision.

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When you begin to search for asearch engine optimisation company, start by creating a list of all the companies that meet with your minimum requirements. One of the first aspects that you need to look at is the reputation of the company. Have they been active in the SEO industry for some time and are there a heap of complaints or compliments about the company on the internet or social media websites? Do they have well known companies as clients? The travel industry is very competitive and you should also inquire whether they have travel companies, as clients or if they provided services to any in the past.

Cost per Keyword

Before you hire a search engine optimisation company research the keywords and key phrases relevant to your site that draw the highest search volumes monthly. Prepare a list of the top 10 to 30 keywords and phrases that could potentially attract the highest number of organic visitors to your site. Ask the companies that you approach for a quote on what they would charge to help your site be in the top three search results for the 10 to 30 keywords on your list. Divide the price by the number of keywords to get the cost per keyword.

Extra Services

Companies that provide additional services such as social media and email marketing or PPC management services should receive higher marks on your list. If your business does not currently focus on any of the additional services, you may need to add some of these services at a later stage. When you use one company for all of your optimisation needs, they are ordinarily able to charge you less than what you would have paid for the services separately.

Does the SEO Company Fit into the Culture of your Business?

A small and dynamic young commercial enterprise may have different demands than an established large corporate company. It is important that the search engine optimisation company that you choose fit into the culture of your company. Smaller companies may require that reports are provided more frequently and for the reports to be less formal.

Realistic Targets and Expectations

A Professional SEO company will provide you with realistic targets and performance expectations. Be careful of SEO companies that promise to have all of your keywords on the first page of the search results within 48 hours. The targets and expectations should be compatible with your business goals. Due to the fierce competition in the online travel industry, companies will have to work a lot harder to get your site onto the first page of the search results.

Black Hat SEO versus White Hat SEO

It is very important to ensure that the SEO company that you appoint only use approved methods to optimise your travel site. Companies using shortcuts or black hat methods may cause your website to be banned from the search engines. Ask the companies to provide you with a detailed breakdown of their methods.

The Length of the Service Contract

The contract that you enter into should be linked to performance and a clearly defined cancellation process should be included. You do not want to end-up with a company that charges you thousands of dollars every month for disappointing results and not be able to get out of the contract.

Good Return on Investment

One of the more important factors to consider is the return on investment. If a search engine optimisation company is charging you a thousand dollars a month, you want to see sales from the increased organic traffic exceeding a thousand dollars.

After you have analyzed the companies on your list, rate them according to monetary value, reputation, cost per keyword, package deals, experience with travel SEO and optimisation methods. You can now concentrate on the top three companies on your list and appoint the company that best suits the needs of your travel site.