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Congrats on the excellent site done for me, the basic format of what I did not have to change, except for some wordings I corrected later on, as it looked professional from the word go. Quite a few people asked who did the website and I have gladly given your names as you guys seem to know very well what you are doing and most importantly listen patiently to the client’s needs, which these days, many companies overlook. Initially, I was a bit hestitant to deal with a company situated 150 Kms from where I am, but all mail tel correspondence was understood and acted upon clearly and quickly. Thats what will make all the difference in the end to bring in clients and get referrals from them and more so to retain them in the long run.

The ever pleasant response at any time of the day I called, was a whiff of fresh air in your very busy field with its immense time pressures and that speaks volumes about your positive company culture, which is what will make you stand out from the crowd.

Keep up the good job. Will definitely drop by to say Hi next time I am in Trivandrum.