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**Disclaimer: This post isdirected at Travel Leaders Franchise Associate Owners**

I like having my voice heard and giving my opinion, both in my personal life and in business. (Those of you who know me well, understand I like to talk. A lot.)Last year my office and I decided that I would run for the Travel Leaders Franchise Advisory Board (FAB).

Other owners from our agencyhave run and won a position on the FAB in the past, so I knew that being part of this board would bea positive experience.

Who can be on the FAB? You have to be a TL Associate owner. The position is for a two-year term, and you are elected by your peers in your geographic region. You also have to be willing to attend 3, two-day meetings a year, which are held in various places.

What does the FAB do? We come together with TL headquarters to discuss important topics that are often centered around branding. FAB members also ask for comments from other associates in their regions and we discuss these topics as a group at the meetings.

One of the things I think is great about FAB members, is that all agency types are represented on the board. We have smaller agencies who do a couple million in sales to agencies that do well over 100 million. We have members who do mostly corporate travel and members who do mostly leisure travel. We have members that have independent contractors and some that dont.

Are you the right fit? No agency is too small or too large to have a member on the board. While serving on the board I have the ability to discuss the direction that Travel Leaders is moving. Ive seen headquarters move forward and present our opinions and ideas to our group and Ive seen them entirely scrap ideas or go back to the drawing board. Our voices really are heard and its great to have a say in how our brand is seen. If we are going to pay to be part of a franchise, why wouldnt I want to give my opinion and help drive our growth?

Elections are held at the National Meeting. You have to submit your nomination by early October.

If you are interested in having a bigger say in your franchise, information was emailed this morning by Roger. Additionally, Im happy to answer questions about my experience.