Washington Memorial Embroidery Leads Potomack Auction

The Potomack Company hold a open catalog auction on Apr 9 during a gallery in Alexandria, Virginia, and charity a brew of categories of Americana, Asian, and Continental antiques and excellent art. For a second uninterrupted sale, aged masters paintings were among a featured lots.

The auction`s highest-priced lot came from among a vast preference of American folk art. The early 19th-century festooned and embellished silk commemorative design for George and Martha Washington wrought by Eliza Gould, estimated during $15,000/30,000, was purchased by George Washington`s Mount Vernon for $44,062.50 (including buyer`s premium).

The high lot of a Potomack auction was this 19th-century silk festooned and embellished anguish design that depicts a enactment of Columbia station beside a commemorative plinth with oval portraits of George and Martha Washington and dual urns, one remarkable в GW and a other The landscape facilities a church and a residence in a distance, with a tears willow tree behind a memorial. The 15 15/16і x 18і (sight size) elaboration was mounted in a giltwood support with a verre glomis approximate that includes a marker “Wrought by Eliza Gould, and a backboard was stamped Mary A. Callender / from / Aunt Eliza Gould. Estimated during $15,000/30,000, it sole for $44,062.50 to George Washington`s Mount Vernon.

This sole elaboration is good famous and good traveled. In 1911 it was shown during a Copley Society Exhibition in Boston, on loan from Dwight M. Prouty; in Aug 1918 it was among a featured examples of needlecraft in an essay in House and Garden magazine; and 4 years after it was remarkable in a List of Accessions and Loans in a Nov 1922 Bulletin of a Metropolitan Museum of Art (Vol. 17, No. 11). That footnote indicated that a design was Lent by R.T. Hanes Halsey. More recently, a elaboration was out of a open eye as partial of a New York private collection. With a squeeze by Mount Vernon, a elaboration might now have reached a final destination.

Speaking by write following a sale, Susan Schoelwer, comparison curator during George Washington Mount Vernon, described a merger as not simply a great piece. She explained, “Memorial tributes [such as this] are a slightest complicated genre of Washington imagery. This one is singular since it shows both George and Martha.

This elaboration will positively supplement to a physique of believe surrounding such post-mortem remembrances. It is not scheduled for evident open display, though shortly it will be accessible for observation by Mount Vernons searchable database.

One of a some-more rarely expected lots came from Potomacks newly made books, manuscripts, and memorabilia department. It consisted of a organisation of 15 handwritten letters and note cards from To Kill a Mockingbird author Harper Lee. All of a association was antiquated between 1999 and 2004 and was created to Lees longtime crony Waverly Barbe, a dialect conduct during a School of Library and Information Studies during a University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Although all a letters were sealed Nelle and came with their strange envelopes, a archive, estimated during $10,000/15,000, did not accept an opening bid.

Recently, a sale of Harper Lee element has been rather problematic. The Potomack charity was a second archival lot of Lees association that has unsuccessful to sell within a past year. In Jun 2015 a organisation of 6 Lee letters charity during Christies New York was also passed. However, on Mar 31 of this year a organisation of 29 Lee letters was charity during Nate D. Sanders Auctions in Los Angeles, though distinct Christies and Potomack, Sanders Auctions charity a letters individually. Twenty-five of those letters sole during a auction, and, according to Sanderss office, they were purchased by mixed bidders.

Other notable equipment from among a books and manuscripts were 3 initial editions of >The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, one of 2500 first-edition copies, brought $2115; Gone with a Wind by Margaret Mitchell, a sealed first-edition, first-issue copy, done $2350; and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, a first-edition, early-issue copy, sole for $1880.

For additional information, hit The Potomack Company during (703) 684-4550; website (www.potomackcompany.com).

This splendid oil on board by Sigmund Joseph Menkes (Ukrainian, 1896-1986), Still Life with Tulips and Mandolin, sealed reduce right, 32ВЅ x 26Вј, sole to an Internet bidder for $12,925 (est. $6000/9000).

This 59½ high marble sculpture (est. $10,000/15,000) enjoyed heated behest and eventually sole for $35,250 to a determined write bidder. The statue depicts a four-winged H2O sprite rising from amid cresting waves and with a dragonfly on her finger. The bottom is stamped LIBELLULE (Italian for dragonfly) and is sealed Prof Petrilli Firenze” (Professore Aristide Petrilli of Florence, who was innate in 1868).

This organisation of 12 tiny mount and hardstone vessels that operation from Вѕ to 2і high and, with one exception, rest on wooden stands assembled maybe a biggest warn of a sale. Estimated during $600/800, a lot brought $14,100.

This 3Вѕ hole mural depicts a immature lady with an Elizabethan braid who is wearing a excellent dress with a high edging collar and a prolonged curled necklace. Cataloged as being by a member of a round of Michiel Janszoon outpost Mierevelt (Dutch, 1567-1641), it is embellished in oil on a plain fruitwood front that has been incited as a shoal molded-edge frame. Inscribed on behind (in French) is painted by Mirevelt [sic]. The mural tiny sole to a write bidder for $4700 (est. $1000/1500).

This 32і x 36в x 17ВЅ Federa mahogany and mahogany veneer console list has a made tip with a singular drawer below. The corner of a top, a apron, and a slim square-section legs arrangement musical inlay, and a apron also facilities a rope of straight pellet veneer. The hotly contested list eventually sole to a write bidder for $5581.25 (est. $300/600).

The rectilinear tip of this circa 1820 Classical mahogany list is assembled with tiny squares of marble specimens inset into a mahogany frame, a core apportionment in a grid configuration, and a outdoor approximate of double bands with black-veined marble between. The bottom has a complicated spiral-turned mainstay upheld by 4 legs that cancel in paw-feet casters. Measuring 30і x 29ВЅx 23ВЅ, a list sole for $10,575 (est. $1500/2500).

This 11x 12В ink and tone on paper by Ren Yi (Chinese, 1840-1896), also famous as Ren Bonian, depicts a male in farmer dress who is apparently herding several goats. Although a paper has some foxing, a portrayal went during $10,575 (est. $5000/7000) to a phone bidder.