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Many of my clients ask what type of web hosting should they choose for business purposes and how to save on webhosting solutions. I`ve decided to put together an article and hope it answers the questions.

How to cut expenses on hosting and domain name registration?

No matter what type of hosting you choose, you must always do research and read reviews before making a decision. In this way, you will be able to sign up with a web hosting company that offers reliable hosting services and offers steep discounts. For instance, there are many websites (such as HOSTING RENEWAL) online that offer coupon and promo codes allowing to get the first month for free, get free privacy protection or even register a .com domain name for no cost.


The first thing you decide when shopping for web hosting services is to determine what type of hosting you need. Shared hosting is the most basic type of hosting. Shared hosting charges low fees and can be purchased for at least $5 per month. Shared hosting comes with a control panel that includes various types of add-on applications. These add-on applications can help you to save time in managing the different aspects of your website. In my opinion, is one of the best options for shared hosting. By using Bluehost Coupon for $3.95, you can get hosting for dirt cheap, under 4 bucks to be exact. And of course they reliable servers and 24/7 support team is readily available. The downside of shared hosting is that you are sharing resources on the server with other websites. Sharing resources with thousands of websites on the server can compromise the security of your website. The disk space and bandwidth are capped at a limited amount. If you exceed the capped amount, you will have to pay more to upgrade to a better hosting package. Shared hosting is suitable for personal and commercial websites that receive little to moderate amount of traffic.


Another type of hosting is dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting is often used by large websites that receive millions of visitors every month. It offers you the ability to have full access to the server so that you can install any application you need for your website. Dedicated hosting is allotted to a single webmaster so it has lesser vulnerability to being attacked by hackers. You must be a skilled IT technician in order to maintain a dedicated server efficiently. Dedicated hosting can be used to resell web hosting services to customers. You will determine the data size and bandwidth in each hosting package. If you have hundreds of website, dedicated hosting will be the ideal hosting solution. VPS hosting is great for people who want to upgrade their shared hosting account at a low cost. VPS hosting offers you the ability to install various types of custom software. It also allows you to make Apache configuration to your VPS server.


Reseller hosting is purchased by people who want to sell web hosting services to make a profit. Owning a server can be expensive especially if you just started your web hosting company. You can purchase reseller hosting package to resell hosting services if you cannot afford to buy the servers. Web design companies can also buy reseller hosting to offer complementary web hosting services in their web design packages for customers.