" A wrongful death claim in Florida may be brought when a loved dies because of the wrongful act of another. They are different than most other injury claims because they are controlled by a specific law created by the Legislature called the Florida Wrongful Death statute.

One of the most common grounds for bringing a wrongful death claim is based on the careless or negligent act of another which results in someons death. Familiar examples would include vehicle accidents (cars, trucks or motorcycles), as well as pedestrian accidents, falls, or medical negligence by a doctor, hospital or other health care provider. Negligence may be based not only on something that was done resulting in death, but also on the failure to act. In those cases, when someone had a duty to do something which they negligently failed to do, they may be held responsible for causing the death.

Death claims may also be brought if there was a breach of a contract or a type of warranty. These types of claims are commonly involved where a product was defective (sometimes called a product liability claim). Many products have specific warranties covering the product and its fitness. Others are covered by warranties which are implied under consumer protection laws. Common product defect cases include cars, seatbelts, tires, and a host of other consumer products which cause injury and death.

If you or someone you know is confronting the profoundly devastating consequences of the death of a loved one, you owe it to yourself to become informed before you begin making decisions.

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