No need to coordinate work schedules and monitor my time, you simply send my assignment and the deadline and move on to the next project. Rest assured the deadline will be met.

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You save money by skipping over the benefits you would need to provide an in-house assistant, such as medical and dental coverage, vacation time, sick days, employee wage deductions, because my fee covers my services to you and nothing more is required on your end.

As a business owner myself, I understand the challenges and costs of running a business. Best of all your assignments will be completed regardless of weather, accidents on the highway, or heavy traffic due to construction, from my desk top to yours.

Finally, as each of my clients is protected by a Confidentiality Agreement, you can be at ease that the integrity of my work for you will be my top priority.

When considering the benefits of entrusting your work load to Legal Solutions LA, consider the costs of hiring and firing employees, the training you put into each new person that is hired and the benefits you have to offer to get qualified people to work for you, parking, health insurance, lunch breaks, sick/vacation time, payroll taxes, computers and software, balance that against having someone with 25 years of experience who has a strong understanding of legal terminology and the legal process and whose sole purpose is to assist you to run your practice as cost effectively as possible.