All of us have to do serious communicating in our day-to-day worklives, and that concept becomes all the more pressing when you work from home

Work from Home? Renovate Your Home Office to be More Efficient and Tech Savvy


With remote working establishing new norms across multiple industries, it`s no wonder that employees are crying out for new and better home offices. The IDC predicts that weв`ll have a staggering 105 million mobile workers in the labor force by 2020. Meanwhile, even those of us who commute daily to a traditional office have begun to spend more time checking email and cinching up last-minute details outside the office. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average worker spends upwards of three hours working at home.

That means it`s time to start embracing the trend and thinking of our homes as not just a living space, but a place to work, too. Home offices could benefit from a spruce-up in not just design, but a tech overhaul as well.

Rethinking the Desk

Most of us are used to the unwavering heft of a heavy, stationary desk. And while a carved oak writing desk does bring a certain ambience, it`s just not practical anymore. Work isn`t done with a quill and pen, so why should your desk design date back to before the Industrial Revolution?

The standing desk is, of course, one of the more obvious iterations of this line of thinking. And there may be something to them not just as a benefit for your health, but as a way of tapping your inner reservoir of productivity. According to research coming from Texas AM, ergonomical standing workstations actual boosted employee efficiency. An adjustable computer cart allows you to make your workspace wherever it needs to be for the moment near a window for creative brainstorming, or in a spot with better light for presentations. You can use shelves and tables in other areas for stationary objects like your printer or office decor.