Even though it was a bit sad when my summer vacation recently came to an end, I was actually looking forward to getting back into my healthy work routine. Sure waking up at 5am is not the most enjoyable things to do in the world, and the potential hour-long commute is another part of the routine that I really did not miss these past ten weeks. But aside from a few annoyances, sticking with my work routine really helps keep me focused on healthy living habits which in turn translates into weight loss.

This past summer was jam-packed with what seemed like one event after another. When there wasn`t some type of mini excursion going on, I was dealing with unexpected family issues that needed to be taken care of. As innocent as those scenarios may sound, in all actuality each one provided instances where sticking with an appropriate portion size of food and calorie count for the day became incredibly difficult, and exercise unfortunately was thrown completely out the window.

Don`t Miss Out On The Healthy Living Opportunity Work Provides

Often times I had to come to terms with the fact that sticking with 1,800 calories for the day was just not going to happen which meant that I was gaining weight each time that occurred.

Now with summer vacation behind me and a new school year beginning, my wonderful routine that I have actually missed is back on the table.

For those of you who have the pleasure of going to a typical job five days, forty hours per week, if you haven`t started already here`s an opportunity to develop a healthy living routine you can adhere to everyday. Not only is this a chance to eat in a much healthier manner but you can also motivate yourself to get some type of cardio workout in to help you shed even more weight.

Just yesterday I made it a point to go to the market after work and with my grocery list in hand I was able to stock my refrigerator with a whole assortment of healthy options. Later that night I quickly whipped together a roast with potatoes and carrots, tossed in the oven and 90 minutes later I was able to get 7 meal portions that I quickly packed away into plastic travel containers.

Now I have lunch meals to take with me to work for the entire week, but best yet that meal I cooked only cost about $14 total to make, yet with 7 meal sized portions that means I only paid $2 per meal. Where on earth would you be able to go out and eat for only $2 per plate? Healthier food for much less that you`d pay going out to eat fast food junk.

I also made it a point to purchase a 36 plastic water bottle package to keep stored in my closet at work so I will always have water at hand throughout the day. The perfect 0 calorie nourishing beverage.

These are just two examples of how work can potentially keep you focused on your health and nutrition if you make it a point to create a plan and stick with it. Think of it this way, you have to be at work for a certain number of hours anyways, why not let all those hours be healthy living ones as opposed to detrimental hours contributing to more and more weight gain?

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